Transaction Support Agreement Meaning

This TRANSACTION SUPPORT AGREEMENT (including all exhibitions, annexes and schedules attached to this agreement pursuant to Section 11.2 of this „Agreement“) is required of the „parties“ from 10 December 2020 (date of execution) by and between the following parties (each described in the clauses (i) to (ii) of that preamble: „although the CSA is not an integral part of the overall document. Since 1992, the framework agreement has been used to define the terms of derivatives trading and make them mandatory and enforceable. Its publisher, ISDA, is an international trade association for participants in futures markets, options and derivatives. For example, a large car dealership may sell a division to a small, emerging automotive company, and part of its contract includes the large car dealership that supports the upcoming car dealership with its human resources, IT and accounting services for about six months. Theoretically, an ASD is quite simple, and you would be right to accept it. On May 28, 2020, the company and Barings LLC (including certain fund or advisory accounts it manages, advises or sub-counsel, „barings“) entered into a private placement agreement (the „Private Placement Commitment Agreement“). The Private Investment Commitment Agreement includes a commitment by Barings to acquire US$40.0 million in new Money First Lien Issuer Notes in a private transaction exempt from the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933. The company intends to secure commitments for an additional $10.0 million New Money First Link Issuer Notes. In return for the conclusion of the Private Placement Commitment Agreement and additional commitments, the company will pay a total premium of $5 million in the form of New Money First Lienr Notes. Such obligations are or are expected under certain customary conditions. When a business is sold as part of an AM transaction and the seller continues to provide support services to the post-closing business, the parties to the transaction will enter into a Transitional Services Agreement (TSA) that regulates the provision of such services to the post-closing company. Depending on the complexity of the transitional service agreement and the critical nature of the services provided, ASDs can range from short, back-office administrative agreements with an agreement on setting fees in the future and without formal service standards, to comprehensive service agreements with a defined scope, service levels, variable pricing rules and detailed data protection rules.

A Transitional Service Agreement (ASD) is concluded between the buyer and the seller, who envisages the seller to provide assistance to the infrastructure, such as accounting, IT and human resources, after the transaction is completed. TSA is common in situations where the buyer does not have the management or systems to absorb the acquisition, and the seller can offer it for a fee. Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains statements that constitute „forward-looking statements“ within the meaning of Section 21E of the Exchange Act and Section 27A of the Securities Act. Forward-looking statements relate to forward-looking expectations, beliefs, forecasts, plans and strategies, expected events or trends, and similar expressions on issues that are not historical facts, such as statements about our future financial position or the results of business activity. , our prospects and strategies for future growth and the development and introduction of new products.

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